Marti Borman


Hi I’m Marti and i’m starting this blog for two reasons. First of all I’m going to use it to get used to opening up and expressing myself and second, I’m going to share information on things I find interesting. Things such as health, fashion, beauty, music technology, science and much. I’m hoping with my wide rang of interests that as I get going this blog will have a bit of something for everyone to enjoy but a lot of what I talk about will be mental health related.

selfie of MartiSo about me, I am non-binary and have only recently began to openly share my femininity with the world, its been scary as hell but everyone has been really supportive nice so far. I have been working as an IT technician since 2010. I hold a degree in creative music, which is still managed to obtain in-spite of undergoing¬† brain surgery in my final year and i’ve been playing the guitar for approximately 14 years. I have a wide range of interests so my posts will likely be quite varied which should hopefully keep you interested. So please subscribe to blog or join me on social media