Christian Nation?

As we have an extra long weekend I figured I’d do an extra blog post and as it is due to a religious holiday, I thought I’d talk about religion. In the past it is a topic I would have avoided as it brings about such passions amongst believers and causes others to want to run for the hills. In my last post I mentioned our Christian heritage and its negative effects on gender equality and in this post I’ll be discussing it a little further.


To start I’ll explain about my beliefs, I am a Humanist, I do not believe in any god or anything otherworldly. I believe people can live ethical, fulfilling lives without any need for a deity and I trust the scientific method as the best way to understand the universe. If you want to learn more about humanism there is an excellent quiz on the Humanist UK website, where you can learn how closely your views align with humanism. In my experience the people in the UK live very secular lives and this is supported in figures, which show that nearly 50% of British people identify as Non-religious Source 1, Source 2, Source 3. This actually makes Christianity a minority with 41% of the populace, which to me begs the question, why does Christianity still enjoy such a privileged place in our society? December 2017, the Archbishop of Canterbury admitted to personally lobbying former Prime Minister David Cameron to drop proposals aimed at tackling illegal, extremist religious schools and safeguarding the children within them. This religious leader, who doesn’t represent all British Christians, has enough direct access to the British Prime Minister to delay protective legislation for children in dangerous situations. What makes this worse is these people claim to be a moral authority and his reasoning for opposing this legislation, to prevent paperwork for Sunday schools Source 4. This man also has a seat in the House of Lords along with 25 other members of The Church of England, known as the Lords Spiritual, which seems absurd in a modern democracy. These groups enshrined in our government, privileged with highest level access are also the loudest voices holding society back, The Church of England are still against marriage equality and equality for women (Admittedly they now allow female bishops but begrudgingly).

I could go on for several pages but I think this might be a good point to end this post, I’d don’t want to bore you. I’ll leave you with a few questions; should these people enjoy such access to our laws and our Leaders? And does religion do more harm than good? Please let me know what you think in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Christian Nation?

  1. I believe religion (& therefore religious leaders) have such a ‘voice’ because of the obscene amounts of money it generates!!

    I’m not religious but I don’t have an issue with anybody’s beliefs; we each find our own way of dealing with things & as long as we come through the other, who’s to say my way is better than yours??!! I do think though that the more people who ‘dare’ to renounce religion, the more will dare to do so … It’s not as assumed nowadays that people follow a faith, years ago I would put CofE on forms because I almost thought I had to put something x


    1. I can understand religious leaders getting state visits such as the Pope but the Church of England as the established religion when it represents approximately 16% of Brits strikes me as something that needs looking at.

      That is exactly my point, i’m not saying anyone’s belief is wrong, that’s up to them. My point here is to purely to encourage people to think about the unelected people in our government holding back society and preventing equality

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