Christian Nation?

            As we have an extra long weekend I figured I’d do an extra blog post and as it is due to a religious holiday, I thought I’d talk about religion. In the past it is a topic I would have avoided as it brings about such passions amongst believers and causes others to want to run for the hills. In my last post I mentioned our Christian heritage and its negative effects on gender equality and in this post I’ll be discussing it a little further.

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Gender Neutrality, Society and Victim Blaming

            Today I’m going to talk about societal pressures to fit in with established binary norms and the double standard, which is applied to each side. So as I discussed in my last post our society is very much binary, male or female and each of these are pushed in different directions with variation from this resulting in judgements being made.

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For this week’s blog post and probably the next few I’m going to be talking about gender, gender roles, societal norms and clearing up some assumptions that I feel may have been made about me.

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